We understand that you need more from your printer than just ink on paper. You need personalized marketing materials that get noticed and the tools to help you leverage customer data. You need streamlined production, ordering, reporting and distributing processes and tools that make your job easier. ANRO’s digital communication services do exactly that.

Online Print Management Solutions

ANRO builds web-based solutions that are completely customized to your unique business need. Our online solutions simplify the task of managing your print collateral, while fully leveraging our print, mail and fulfillment capabilities. They are designed to streamline the print ordering and management process while ensuring brand integrity. The sites we build are 100% customizable. While other companies are limited by their individual framework with which they work within, ANRO’s team of expert programmers intricately engineer your solution from scratch, allowing for unlimited features and functionality. Through our distinctive technology, we combine a friendly user experience with a powerful VDP engine that will provide a result that is truly unique.

We can develop and host websites branded to appear as a seamless extension of your corporate site. Users may access, customize, and order printed materials from anywhere. The online portal can incorporate any of ANRO’s comprehensive services. Some of those services may include

  • Access to corporate image libraries and verbiage
  • Viewing leads generated by a fulfillment program
  • Generating static and dynamic reports
  • Requesting quotations
  • Submitting orders for both digital and offset print jobs

ANRO has developed many Print-on-Demand Programs that allow users to create and distribute or send personalized pieces from pre-approved templates by selecting text, graphics, and images that are appropriate to the specific recipient.

What are the benefits of ANRO’s Online Print Management Solutions?

  • Control branding and distribution of marketing collateral and other materials
  • Improve relevance of printed communications by personalizing content for markets and individuals
  • Acquire more customers and revenue with relevant, one-to-one targeted communications
  • Increased speed to market
  • Ease in updating designs and copy
  • Provide an outlet to show return on CRM investments by using existing customer data and systems
  • Reduce administration costs for managing documents and other collateral
  • Reduce prepress production time and costs by eliminating redundant activities
  • Track activity and effectiveness of your print, mail & fulfillment programs with custom reports
  • Automate and track co-op, distributor and consumer requests and campaigns

Digital Asset Management

At ANRO, we know data. We know that managing digital files is critical when coordinating the production of marketing collateral and graphic communications.

The availability of digital assets, such as image libraries, logos, brand-identity artwork, mailing lists, and approved copy are all important parts of the puzzle that must be organized, archived, and retrievable when needed.

ANRO has the requisite infrastructure, technology and expertise in place to help you manage your assets, securely, quickly and easily.

Multi-Channel Communications

Marketers today recognize the importance of integrating multiple marketing channels within a campaign. There are many studies that support the use of multiple media for increased response rates. Combining print, direct mail, personalized web pages (PURLs), e-blasts and text messages in a multi-touch campaign increases relevancy and response rates. At ANRO, we understand data is key to success, and we’ve got the technology and the expertise to help you execute a multi-channel campaign with ease, while capturing applicable reporting insights to help you measure success.

Traditional Campaign Response Rate
Personalized Multi-Channel Campaign Response Rate (VDP brochure, PURL, E-mail)