ANRO is a full-service direct mail facility with an all-inclusive range of mailing capability. We are a United Postal Service Business Partner and a member of the Greater Philadelphia Postal Customer Council. Proactive in developing custom programs and strategies, we help to seamlessly progress you through the maze of postal regulations. From list management to inkjetting and inserting, we do it all.

Onsite USPS Office

ANRO hosts a US Postal Service office and staff within our facility. Not only does this provide you with live onsite consulting expertise, it also allows your mail to be inspected and verified at our facility, meaning we eliminate the need to navigate to additional regional USPS distribution centers like many other mailers are required to do. As a result, you enjoy a much shorter turnaround on your mailings.

Onsite USPS Office

Full Service Certified Mail Service Provider (MSP)

ANRO is a full service certified MSP through the United States Postal Service. In order to receive this certification, stringent quality standards surrounding the lettershop and direct mail processing procedures must be implemented and maintained. The USPS directly assesses the success of these required standards, and provides a rating. Only those with a perfect scorecard are able to obtain the certification. Annual evaluations are scheduled to ensure these quality metrics continue to be met.

What does this mean for you?

Lower Postage

ANRO receives a postage discount for both First Class and Standard Class mail that is passed directly to our clients.

Increased Reporting

Additionally, we enjoy the benefit of increased reporting and mail tracking services.

Certified Mail Anywhere Program

The Mail Anywhere program provides ANRO with special permissions to mail using any permit at any post office. Since the USPS trusts our mail is processed correctly, our projects with unique permits can now be verified at any DMU, instead of being trucked to the facility where the permit is held for verification.

What does this mean for you?

  • Lower Freight Costs
  • Improved Verification & In-home times

Superior Mail Tracking Technology

ANRO utilizes the most innovative software to continuously improve and automate the management of direct mail and provide superior mail tracking. We are able to accurately report delivery service performance as your mailings are being processed by the US Postal Service. The reports we generate will allow you to more accurately target in-home date ranges, avoid bottlenecks in the USPS, enable you to more accurately predict increases in call center activity, and trigger follow-up events based on when the mail is delivered.

ANRO provides easy-to-use tools that deliver end-to-end tracking of your mailing’s path through the mailstream.

  • Secure access to your IMb tracing delivery data
  • High-level dashboard views with drill-down into job details
  • Detailed performance reports with advanced mapping and 3-digit zip specificity
  • Job & version reporting

Delivery Optimization

No matter what size your mailing is or where it’s going, ANRO will review your lists and objectives to determine the best delivery strategy to meet your goals.


To maximize your savings, ANRO partners with a leading national commingler, who combines letter-size mail from several mailers into one mailstream to take advantage of bigger postal discounts.

Drop Shipping

ANRO uses cost-effective freight practices, and we’ve negotiated rates with select freight partners to deliver presorted mail to key USPS facilities, resulting in streamlined delivery for faster in-home dates.


Co-palletization takes mail that has already been addressed and sorted, and combines it with other prepared mail. Once ANRO has your mailing ready to go, we partner with a leading nationwide logistics management company to combine it with other mailings going to the same USPS bulk mail centers, meaning bigger postage discounts for you.